An Introduction to PaperCut

PaperCut is a powerful print management solution that allows your company to control costs, increase accountability, harden security, and ease management of all printers within your organization.

PaperCut allows users to track their printing, restricts printing based on certain parameters, and generates reports around print jobs and consumables (e.g., toner).

What does it do?

PaperCut gives you full control over your fleet of printers, letting you:

  • Manage and control printing using tracking, quotas, or pay-for print charging.
  • Transfer accountability to users or departments by individually tracking activity.
  • Support BYOD and mobile devices, allowing users to print from their own device.
  • Apply rule-based print policies to minimize waste and maximize productivity. e.g. to prevent the printing of emails, require large jobs to be duplexed, or restrict color printing.
  • Protect intellectual property and conform to audit objectives by enabling features such as print auditing, watermarking, and digital signatures.
  • Integrate with line of business software for direct cost recovery.

PaperCut supports virtually every major printer brand and can be embedded in most large workgroup printers. Even if you have a mix of printers, users will see a cohesive interface across all makes and models. It provides print, copy, scan, fax, and cloud services in a single, easy to use, interface:


Who uses it?

PaperCut is used in a wide range of industries, from healthcare and legal, to education and manufacturing. PaperCut is used by companies of all sizes and in almost every industry including:

  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • Education (including primary and secondary schools)
  • Manufacturing and assembly
  • Professional services (lawyers, accountants, etc.)

Why do I need it?

PaperCut is used by companies worldwide to provide cost recovery and to better manage their document output infrastructure.

PaperCut provides facilities for managing the document output process from end-to-end, including:

  • Cost recovery management through chargeback functionality and user quotas.
  • Legal requirements such as retention of records (for example, in case of litigation).
  • Increase staff productivity by automating manual processes with automated workflows.
  • Print security with flexible fine-grained controls over who can print what and when using various authentication methods (including biometrics), device control (including mobile devices), and more.
  • Drastically reducing wasted paper, toner, and ink costs.


Whether you’re looking for an application to silently monitor printer usage and track expenses or want to fully manage every facet of your printing and user experience, PaperCut has you covered.

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