Endpoint Management

Assessments, device configuration, and so much more

Your Endpoint Devices, in Professional Hands

Kubed Solutions offers Endpoint Management services, which are designed to provision, deploy, update, monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot endpoint devices.

Endpoints can include servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and appliances. Our team is trained in how to configure these devices to ensure they are secure and protected against malware. We also conduct regular audits and assessments of your systems to make sure that they meet your business needs.

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What's Included in Kubed Solutions Endpoint Management Services?

We'll get your devices up and running with the software they need so they can begin doing their jobs.

We'll help you make sure those software installations are done correctly so you don't have to worry about updating them in the future.

We'll make sure that your devices are always running the latest version of their operating systems and other programs so they're always safe from cyberthreats.

We'll monitor all of your endpoints' security status at regular intervals to make sure they're protected against known threats and vulnerabilities—and if any new ones are discovered after our monitoring is complete, we'll update them right away!

If there's ever a problem with one of your devices or its software—whether it's an attack from outside or something internally causing issues—we'll diagnose what's going on so we know how best to fix it!


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