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When planning an office relocation whether due to growth, downsizing, or the move to more remote workforces, IT infrastructure is often overlooked. Many believe that it’s just a matter of unplugging the equipment that they have and plugging it back in at the new office.

Where many office moves fail are in the seemingly small details that can quickly derail the relocation, leaving the office without internet, access to resources, or simply take significantly longer than anticipated.

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We’ve outlined some key questions to ask when planning your move:

  • Are there sufficient network drops in each office and are they located close to the desk or will the cables drape across the floor? Do new network drops need to be run to create a clutter free environment?
  • Does the building offer you a decent choice of high-speed internet services from Telus or Shaw? What’s the timeline for their installation?
  • How many wireless access points will you require for adequate coverage? Does the space have existing network drops in ceiling or will these need to be added?
  • Is the location where the server and network infrastructure well ventilated, secure, and away from potential water sources?
  • Who is going to disconnect, pack, and reconnect all workstations, printers, and phones? Users often feel that they can handle this but quickly get overwhelmed with the number of cables and their location.
  • Are you under contract with a printer provider/MPS? If so, does the agreement specify if you must have them move it for you for a fee or can your movers relocate it?
  • If something doesn’t go as planned, do you have a backup strategy to your employees up and running in a reasonable timeframe?
Our team of qualified professionals can help your company plan and execute a successful office relocation with minimal downtime and stress.

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We would like to thank Kubed for all their knowledge, hard work and expertise that made our recent office move a smooth transition. We were moved and up and running in a very short time. They have always been very helpful and quick to respond to any requests we have had. We would recommend Kubed Solutions to anyone.

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