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Kubed Solutions offers Managed Security for your business network infrastructure. Our Managed Security solution will proactively monitor all areas of your infrastructure and provide the appropriate level of protection to address the unique requirements and needs of each customer. We offer comprehensive services that include: Active Monitoring, Patching, Intrusion Detection, and Vulnerability Scanning.
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We help protect against breaches and malware attacks through proactive management of your security software and hardware solutions. Our mission is increase the availability and continuity of critical network infrastructures across our customers’ IT environment by pro-actively monitoring network services and supporting upgrades of infrastructure components.

Managed Security is a technology service that ensures your business network infrastructure and endpoints are up-to-date, secure, and protected at all times. Managed Security includes monitoring, patching and vulnerability scanning of your business network infrastructure, in addition to active intrusion detection, audit logs and security alerts relevant to your company's unique needs.

Monitoring, Logging, Breach Prevention, and Much More

The proper handling of your business network infrastructure can have a drastic effect on the efficiency and profitability of your company. Depending on your network type and organization size, a professional Managed Security team can support and monitor the security of servers, web applications, routers, firewalls and desktops.    

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