Microsoft Viva

How Microsoft Viva Can Help You And Your Employees

After years of rumors and anticipation, Microsoft recently announced its new employee experience platform: Microsoft Viva. This new initiative aims to bring together internal communications and resources, learning and knowledge acquisition, employee engagement, and well-being into one place for employees all over the world to access. Viva is a platform built on top of Microsoft 365 that expands on what was previously called the "intranet in your pocket" with SharePoint Online.  The purpose of Viva is to empower employees by breaking down silos, streamlining access to people and resources, and enabling more efficient collaboration across the organization.

Viva Insights

Microsoft Viva Insights is a new way to understand employee engagement and well-being. It's a dashboard that gives you a snapshot of how your employees are doing, whether they're satisfied with their jobs and why, as well as how their stress levels compare to the national average.

Viva Insights can help you understand the health of your organization, identify areas where improvements need to be made and use this data to improve your company's culture.

Microsoft Viva

Viva Learning

Viva Learning is a set of micro-learning experiences that helps employees learn how to do their job better. It's available in the Microsoft Learning Portal and Microsoft Teams, so you can find it wherever you work.

The three main types of Viva Learning are:

  • How-to videos: These are short, focused on helping you complete one task at a time. They're perfect for learning tasks like building an app or setting up your computer for the first time.

  • Try It Now tutorials: These walk through how to use different features inside Office 365 services, like Word or Excel. For example, if there's something new in Outlook Mail that has caught your eye, this type of tutorial will show you how it works and help show off its usefulness.

  • Concept lessons: These introduce concepts related to specific roles in an organization (like project manager), processes within teams (like running a meeting), or tools used by everyone (like OneNote). They're also useful when transitioning from one role or team member role into another role; these concept lessons provide an overview of what's next for them as they learn new skills in their new job!

Microsoft Viva

Viva Topics

Viva Topics is a new way to discover content, and learn more about topics that matter to you. With Viva Topics, you're able to:

  • Share your favorite topics with friends or colleagues.

  • Follow the latest news and updates on your favorite topics.

Viva Topics organizes content for you into categories so that it's easier for you to find what you're looking for—and so when people share content with topics, it makes sense too!

Microsoft Viva

Viva Connections

Viva Connections is a new platform that brings together internal communications and resources, learning and knowledge, employee engagement, and well-being. You can find everything you need to stay connected to your colleagues across the globe in one place.

Microsoft Viva


Microsoft Viva takes employee engagement to the next level by connecting your employees to their work and each other from anywhere. It also provides rich analytics that allow you to make better decisions about your workforce, customize it for different regions or branches, and communicate more effectively with them. With Microsoft Viva, you can easily share information across teams, empower remote workers with the same tools as their physical colleagues, or create custom surveys for managers to gather feedback on any subject matter.

The Microsoft Viva platform can be a powerful tool for any organization that wants to foster employee engagement and well-being, with the ultimate goal of making people feel more connected at work. We are excited to see how Microsoft continues to evolve this product as time goes on and how organizations adopt it into their everyday routines.

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