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Navigate Microsoft Outlook like a Pro

1. Create a new email message fast

While in Outlook, press the “N” key while holding down “CTRL”. A new message window appears.

2. Turn a message into a meeting

While reading an email, press the “R” key while holding down the “CTRL” and “ALT” buttons. The message turns into a meeting invitation with attendees.

3. Jump around Outlook with ease

  1. Pressing “1” while holding down “CTRL” takes you to Mail
  2.  Pressing “2” while holding down “CTRL” takes you to Calendar
  3.  Pressing “3” while holding down “CTRL” takes to you People
  4.  Pressing “4” while holding down “CTRL” takes you to Tasks

4. Quickly search your email messages

Press the “E” key while holding down “CTRL” to automatically place your cursor in the search box.

5. Harness the power of search

  • To find email containing the word “Kubed”, type Kubed
  • To find email from Kubed, type from:Kubed
  • To find email from Kubed received this week, type from:Kubed received:this week
  • To find email from Kubed received last week, type from:Kubed received:last week

6. Get someone's attention with @mentions

In Outlook, open up a new message. In the body of the email, type @ and then the first few letters of a contact’s name or email address. Their name will then become highlighted in the message body.

After you do that, Outlook will also automatically pop their email address into the To: field of the email. The recipient will also see the @ symbol next to the message in their inbox.

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