PaperCut for Legal

PaperCut for Busy Law Firms

PaperCut makes it easy to manage your networked or USB connected printers. Instantly see who is printing, what they are printing, when they printed, and on which device. Use the report center on the central dashboard to view one of the 80 pre-built reports or create your own to see only the data that’s important to you.

See more and save more

Your printing costs can really add up if you don’t keep a close eye on everyone’s printing habits.

PaperCut gives you supreme visibility to make cost-cutting changes. See who’s printing what, and from where to provide actionable insights into your users' printing habits. 
With this knowledge in hand, PaperCut lets you create rules such as forcing all print jobs sent from Outlook to be in black and white and double sided.

Utilizing PaperCut's reporting and analytics along with their rules engine, your firm can drastically reduce waste and printing costs.

Recover costs simply and accurately

Your legal expertise isn’t the only thing that goes into client matters - there’s a lot of costly printing to recoup as well.

Due to the large number of documents being printed at legal firms, it can be a very time-consuming and manual process to associate the cost of printing to the correct client, potentially leading to not all costs being recovered. PaperCut allows you to quickly and accurately chargeback costs to billable accounts or alternative fee arrangements. Users can easily search across thousands of accounts based on keywords or matter codes, making the process of recovering costs simple, and in the process guaranteeing your clients are billed for every
print, copy, fax and scan without any overhead costs.

PaperCut helps simplify cost recovery by integrating with leading practice management systems like LexisNexis PCLaw, EsiLaw, and Clio. 


Search and retrieve documents quicker

Retrieving files quickly and reliably is crucial to staying efficient and giving your clients the best service.

PaperCut streamlines document management by integrating with popular practice management systems. Scan documents directly to relevant folders, and search, and edit them with built-in OCR tech (optical character recognition).

Improve confidentiality and compliance

You need to meet strict compliance and confidentiality requirements across every business facet, every day.

Ensuring secure client documents remain private and confidential is crucial in a legal firm. You need to make sure that the right document is collected by the right person, which can be hard to control in a busy print environment. PaperCut allows you to deliver a secure-print workflow by preventing documents from being printed until the user physically authenticates at the printer to collect them.

You can also provide user-accountability for the security of confidential printed documents by implementing digital signatures and watermarking on all pages.


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