What Does QuoteWerks Do

QuoteWerks: An introduction

When businesses use QuoteWerks, they turn what used to be a difficult and resource intensive task into a simple task that enables the business to provide top notch customer service and, in the process, generate more sales resulting from customer satisfaction.

QuoteWerks automates the entire sales process and provides all the information required during the process to the user in a logical and efficient manner. This enables the business to increase their productivity, efficiency, and customer service.

Quote quickly and efficiently

Putting together your quote is as easy as selecting items from a list. You can also search for particular items by part number, description, etc. or select items from folders that visually group your products together in an organized, efficient way. You can use some of QuoteWerks' advanced product features to further automate the adding of items to your quote.

You can create and use bundles that add a group of products to your quote. This eliminates the need for you to remember which products should be included with others.

You can also create associations between products, so you can specify that a particular product has a substitute product, other products that are required by it, and other products that are optional products for it.

You can also use the configurator tool to take you through a step-by-step process of building a quote by giving you a series of product lists to choose products from and selecting different options guiding you through the sales process.

If you put together quotes that are often similar, you can save time by using QuoteWerks' quote template features to store and then recall these similar quotes.

If you purchase from the Ingram Micro, Tech Data, or other distributors, QuoteWerks can connect directly to the distributor's product databases eliminating the need for you to import their constantly changing products and prices. QuoteWerks leverages the connectivity to all these distributor databases by providing price comparison and availability features.

Track profits, margins, and markup easily

With QuoteWerks, you can track your cost, your selling price, and of course your profit. You can adjust the selling price and therefore your profit by adjusting the individual markups for each product, or for the entire quote. You can markup your cost by a percent, or by points. You can also discount your products from list price if that is how you do your quoting. You can always see what your profit is per item, and per quote.

Your products can be setup to handle volume-pricing discounts, and can track information specific to your company's needs such as with the products' color, weight, size, etc. With these customizable fields, you can track whatever you need to.

Integrates into your existing sales funnel

Quotes are of course created for your customers. In today's sales environment most companies use a contact manager package to keep track of their customers and potential customers. QuoteWerks leverages contact managers by seamlessly extracting customer information from them and completing the sold to and ship to boxes on the quote. QuoteWerks can create forecasted sales, completed sales, profile records, linked documents, and more in your CRM. Using QuoteWerks integrated with your CRM, your Opportunities are always up-to-date.

When printing a quote, you can choose from a variety of quote formats, or create and modify your own. You can print, email and create interactive quotes using QuoteValet. You can choose to have QuoteWerks automatically create purchase orders for each vendor that is on your quote or utilize the more advanced purchasing functionality that QuoteWerks provides.

When a customer holds onto a quote for a while, there are usually product price changes that occur. That is why QuoteWerks has a price refreshing feature that automatically updates the prices in the quote with the latest prices, or better yet, the best prices offered by your different vendors.

Once your customer accepts the quote, you can turn it into an order or invoice. You can use our optional accounting integrations to QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, or Sage 50 accounting packages to create an invoice

QuoteWerks is a powerful, flexible, and easy to use product that works in any industry saving you time and money.

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